Click Here to sign up to UKURA

UKARA is the association for Airsoft Retailers to promote and support responsible use of Airsoft Products. A player must be approved by UKARA sites after demonstrating they are responsible. When they have had their applications approved and stamp, they will be able to purchase Airsoft products from approved retailers.

The Warminster Airsoft Site is a recognised and registered UKARA games site.

As such we have been approved and issued with the official UKARA verification stamp. site mark.

You may download the players’s application form from the UKARA site from this link, and then present it to us filled in when you attend your next event. You will also require some form of identification such as Passport, Drivers License or Bank Statement.

If you wish to know more about the UKARA scheme, you should first read the official Q & A section from the web site from this link