About Us

Warminster Airsoft offers the best experience of Battle Simulations in the West Country. We are  set within 50 acres of Longleat Woodland. (Lions NOT included)

We have our own dedicated safe zone . We started building the Airsoft site in 2009 and now hold events every Sunday from 10am to 4pm, some private games on Saturdays and night games on Wednesday keep an eye out on Facebook page. 6pm till late.

We have a selection of RIFs for people needing to hire equipment on site. You will need good outdoor shoes and can bring your own combats.

If you have your own equipment then join us for the game fee.

Lunch, Extra BB’s, Smoke and other goodies are available from our safe zone shop. We also have a range of RIFS, and spares to purchase most weekends.

During the booking in and Safety Brief, all guns will be validated on our target range to make sure they are all within the site limits for bb velocity of 350feet/second or 1.1 joules.

You are welcome to bring all your own kit (most players do), guns, including two tone. Please check any pyro with marshal before the start of the day. It is better sand safer to only use pyro purchased on the site as we then know exactly what is being used.

We recommend full face for all although over 16’s can just use approved eye protection.

We could describe our day as BattleSim. Most games have one clear objectives for the two, or three (yes three!) teams playing. Once a month we have a Milsim day, where one game can last all day and teams are given a succession of  conflicting objectives during game play.  We might limit ammo during these games.