Q: When do you play Airsoft?

A: We play every Sunday and some Saturdays. We also hold evening/night games on a Wednesdays advertised on our Facebook page.

Q: Do we have our own Fields?

A: Yes. Airsoft have their own dedicated safe area and objective filled woodlands  . We have our own dedicated objectives.

Q: Do we have a safe Zone?

A: Yes, Airsoft has their own dedicated safe zone with power, hot water, charging facilities, drink and snacks.

Q: Can anybody play?

A; You must be over 12 and wearing clothes and footwear for running around in the woods. We can provide everything else.

Q: What protection do I need.

A: Eye protection for adults, but full face mask for under 16’s. We would recommend full face mask for everybody. We have a range of masks to borrow or purchase at the site. If you are unsure then please ask. Otherwise you should avoid ‘bare flesh’ with BB’s traveling at around 300feet/second.

Q: Do I need to be a UKARA Member?

A: No. Anybody can come on the site.

Q: Can I bring my own gun?

A: Yes. You can bring your RIF whether two tone or not. Gas or electric, but It will be tested to ensure it fires under 350 fps with a 0.2mg BB (or 1.1 joules) for the safety of all players.

Q: Why do I want to become a UKARA Member

A: People selling RIF’s should only supply them to UKARA members, except two tones. If you play at our site you can be registered and will soon qualify as a UKARA member and be able to purchase your own RIFs.

Q: Why are there these UKARA rules?

A: For your safety and to prove your character. The Airsoft Guns that members use look very realistic. if you were seen in public with one of these guns the Police would not be able to tell the difference and would treat it like a real weapon. UKARA are rules about being responsible is how you use and transport your RIF,  so such problems won’t happen and you use your Gun in a responsible manner while on the site.

Q: Does UKARA make me legal?

A: No. UKARA is a scheme setup by the retailers. It does not have legal standing. However, it shows you are being responsible, and therefore, if you do come into contact with the police it will help. – Unless you are being stupid, in which case it will not help you at all. Being stupid DOES include leaving your RIF on display or using it ANYWHERE other than a UKARA registerred site, Yes, this includes your garden!

Q: How old do you have to be to register with UKARA?

A: You must be 18. However a parent or guardian can join UKARA on behalf of their child. The adult is responsible for the RIF and owns it. The child can use it n the site, but the adult stays resopnsible for the use of the RIF.

If you have any questions or not sure about anything you must speak personally with Dave Ridgeway while on the site. He is the manager in charge of Airsoft and he sets all the rules. These FAQ’s are an interpretation of when he has said in the past.