• No loaded weapons are permitted inside the safe area.
  • No Dry firing of weapons in the safe area.
  • Approved eye or face protection must be worn at all times in the playing area; under 16’s must wear full face protection. We recommend all people use full face protection.
  • Under no circumstances are non players to be shot at, this includes other site users such as the quad bike parties or paintballers; marshals and other non-players.
  • All players must observe the boundaries and remain inside the playing area during game play.
  • Three blasts on an air horn or whistle indicates an immediate stoppage of play due to safety concerns, play will resume with a single blast on the air horn once it is deemed safe to do so.
  • Transit through other playing sites must be made with caution using the correct safety equipment, which will be provided. There is danger from other activities as well as Airsoft.
  • Lasers must be of the legal type and not used blind the opposition.
  • Approved pyrotechnics are permitted, but must be used within the safety guidelines issued with the device and any exceptions applied by the marshals.
  • We apply a single shot rule inside buildings and structures


  • Only Airsoft weapons that meet the industry standard may be used, no bayonets, knives or other illegal items may be brought on site.
  • Site limit for all weapon types is 350fps with a .20mg 6mm BB.
  • Bolt Action Snipers only can be up to 500fps on 0.2g and must comply with non engagement rules, And carry a side arm or secondary weapon.
  • All weapons are to be tested and registered before the start of the safety brief. This includes standard and two tone guns, both of which are acceptable.
  • Any weapon may be subject to re-testing during any part of the day by a member of staff.
  • All Pyro must be declared and approved by the marshals.pyro_rules
  • All RIFs must be chronograph checked BEFORE the day starts. All guns must be UNDER 350FPS on a 0.2g BB using OUR chronograph. (With the exception of Bolt Action Snipers which can be 500fps on 0.2g, if over 18 and agree to non engagement rules), otherwise they can not be used on the game fields (but maybe used on the firing range)
  • Any RIF can be challenged and re-tested at ANY time. If it is found to be above the limit, it will not be allowed back into the game zone.


  • All players are to sign in prior to the safety brief.
  • Signing in confirms that you have read, understood, and agree with both the site rules and the game rules.
  • All players must follow any additional safety instruction from marshal and other members of staff at all times.
  • Parents or Guardians must agree on behalf of minors.