Zombsoft Game Booking Page

Zombsoft returns with the 4th part. The un-dead hordes grow larger, Humanity is on the brink of extinction and a new enemy is waiting in the darkness. Will the Promise of safety hold up or fall apart.


This event is being held at Warminster Activity Centre on the 5th of October. The site will open for players to turn up at 16:30, game briefing will begin around 18:00 and the night will end at 10:00. Their will only be two classes (teams), Humans and Zombies.

Game fee is £15, you can have one weapon. With an ammo limit of 400 bbs for the whole night. A melee weapon is permitted. One pyro of any type may be used. Their is no Restriction on clothing. For a more “realistic” feeling, we recommend a pistol or a shotgun and civilian clothing.  12 slots open.

Site Limit Highlights.

  • All RIFs under 350fps for 0.2g BB.
  • Pyro used by over 18’s only
  • Full face for under 16’s
  • Read full details here

Please use the form below to register if you wish to take part in this game. A £5 deposit will be required from all players.

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